Workshop & Tutorials

Cartoon Illustration and Comic Strip Illustration Workshop

  1. Basic cartoon illustration
    • The head
    • The body
    • Hands and feet
    • Characters in action
    • Perspective
      • 2 point perspective
      • Isometric
  2. Comic Strip Illustration
    • Create your cartoon character
    • Writing a simple story (1 to 4 panels)
    • Creating draft illustrations based on a script
    • Final illustration
    • Publishing (online)

Online/ZOOM Workshop: Every weekend – Saturday and Sunday | 1p.m. to 4p.m.
(10 sessions / 3 hours per session = 30hours)

Required art materials
1. Pencils: HB pencil and 4B pencil (any brand)
2. Pens: 0.08; 0.05; 0,01 (any brand)
3. Pointed black pentel pen
4. Eraser
5. Straight edge (ruler)
6. Short size coupon bond: at least 100 pcs
7. Sketch pad (small)

Required gadget(s) for ZOOM class
1. Laptop or PC or Tablet with camera
2. Cellular phone with camera (any brand)
Other requirements:
3. Free ZOOM account
4. Internet connection

Open to all 10 years old up to 60 years old
Workshop fee: PhP 1,000.00 ($20.00) for 10 sessions(3 hours per session)

FREE: After the workshop all attendees are free to attend a series of illustration tutorials via ZOOM sessions every Sunday from 7p.m. onwards

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