Portfolio Information

  • Created by: fidelectus.com
  • Date: April 2019
  • Skills: Comic strip Illustration, Adobe Photoshop
  • Client: Finnish researcher based in Tanzania

A comic strip illustration for research on the sexual and reproductive rights of girls with disabilities, specifically their right to access to reproductive health services and their right to be free from sexual violence.

In the research, the author wanted the voice of the girls with disabilities to be heard strongly. However, when researching sensitive topics it can be very difficult and psychologically stressful to get the right answers from the girls. Some of them have learning difficulties or intellectual disability, some have albinism, others are deaf or with a physical disability. For this reason, the researcher has decided to apply the method of empathy-based stories. The girls will relate to the story that is not theirs but still provide useful information about the situations in which they live. The purpose of the illustrations below is to help the girls understand the stories better.

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