This comic strip project was about a political campaign in Louisiana’s (US) 5th Congressional District.

Step 1. Preliminary sketch. Positioning each character in the panel according to the given script.
Step 2. Refining the sketch.

Step 4. Inking. I also added some shading or hatching. I submitted this piece to the client to ensure that I got his idea and for him to comment or give suggestions before I proceed to the final stage of the illustration. While waiting for the client’s reply, In this step, I also began illustrating the 2 photos of the politician that they wanted to be shown on the television screen.
Step 4. (This is Panel 1 of 3). Once I received the client’s approval for the inked illustration, I proceeded to the coloring phase. The finished colored illustration was submitted again to the client.
Step 5. (Panel 1 of 3). After receiving the colored illustration, the client asked me to modify the looks or ethnicity of the characters. He wanted the family characters to look like Louisiana Creole. He also asked me to remove the cat in the illustration. Again, I submitted the revised illustration to the client.
Step 6. (Panel 2 of 3). After receiving the client’s final approval, I proceeded to continue the coloring and adding the captions or dialogue and completed the 3-panel comic strip.
Panel 3 of 3, the third and last panel of the comic strip. Instead of illustration, the client asked me to use the actual photo of the politician

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